Tourette Scotland

Tourette Scotland

About us

Tourette Scotland is a registered charity (SC021851), established in 1994.

We work to provide information, support and acceptance to everyone living with Tourette Syndrome. We welcome everyone, young and old. and hope to change the way people look at Tourette's.

We are a national organisation that prides itself on being open, understanding, and supportive. Tourette Syndrome is a very complex neurological condition that affects children and adults throughout the world. Tourette Scotland offers up to date, modern and informative training for teachers, peers, families and organisations hoping to learn more about the condition and the variety of ways that it can affect individuals and the people around them.

We run fundraising events, awareness sessions, support groups for adults and families, as well as camps. We are now getting involved in research and are networking with other Tourette support charities across the world.

Thank you for your support!


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